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Special Offer Business Center-Dicount 300€

Business Center are exclusive spaces equipped for a maximum of five people with all the items needed to start working immediately. Business Center can be engaged for days, weeks or months. These spaces have a functional and elegant design.


Reception of documents and visitors

Recepción de documentación y visitas (de 8 a 20h – lunes a viernes)

Functioning and lending of services

Funcionamiento y prestación de servicio (de 8 a 20h – lunes a viernes)

Access 24 hours a day

Acceso al centro 24 horas al día

Surveillance 24 hours a day

Consumption of water, electricity and climate

Consumos de agua, electricidad y clima

Office cleaning

Access to the meeting rooms and conventions for free

Acceso a salas de reuniones y convenciones de forma gratuita (exceptuando los servicios y suministros)

Coffee Corners and Zones Office, fully equipped

Coffee Corners y zonas Office completamente equipadas

Access: printer, fax, scanner and copier

Impresora, fax, escáner y fotocopiadora

Fully equipped

Equipado con todo el mobiliario necesario