To have a good communicative speech with Toastmasters help

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

It is important to have a good speech, to be able to transmit and to expire with the marked aim it. At first it looks like an easy task but at the moment of the truth there are many persons, it is difficult to whom to report successfully.

Toastmasters Sant Cugat, the first “speakers’ club” of the city, as they are defined, carried out last Monday, the 19th of May, the workshop “How to speak in public in an effective way to achieve your objectives“. About thirty assistants learn how to optimize the logic of the presentations by means of different exercises. The presentation was initiated by the president of the club and with three members. Tobias Rodrigues led the central presentation with the example of a speech from which it was explaining techniques it brings over of how constructing the message. Jesus Salillas took charge evaluating Rodrigues, so much to level of content as of interpretation and speech. And finally, Adela Escribano took charge of the part of improvised speeches.

The representatives of Toastmasters Sant Cugat invited the assistants to continue developing the communicative skills attending at his meetings every Monday of every fifteen day in the Culture House of the city.

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