“The modalities of hiring of personnel would have to be two: Indefinite and temporary”

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

The Magistrate in the Labour Court, Fernando Méndez Diestro, realized this Monday the talk entitled: “Hiring of personnel types. Temporal contracts in fraud of law”.
In the event, where there were twenty people, the Justice explained the modalities of contracts that the legislative current frame offers (indefinite, formation, practices…) and also that the companies can do a fraudulent use of the labor contracting. Méndez Diestro predicted that the contract in period of test has the few days and about the fraudulent use of the labor contracting, he explained which cases has met and which are the judgments that have been dictated. The Magistrate clarified first of all that the contracts “do not have to be necessarily in writing” but “the worker can ask for it”. Also he thought that there are so many modalities of hiring people and it conduces to confusion for the businessman as the worker. “The modalities of hiring people would have to be two: indefinite and temporary”. At the end, the assistants took refreshment while they continued debating on the topic.

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