“Saving is possible with a good management of the money”

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

“Free and autonomous professional who does banking proximity and has a relation of confidence and lasting satisfaction with the client”. This one is the banking consultant’s definition that Anna Sisteré and Begoña Castelló gave in the session: “Why does investor always win less than the market? How and when have I to invest? “.

The assistants received an introduction of the tasks of a banking consultant and which tools and strategies can be used for giving him performance to the own income. Consulting of Personal Banking in Banco Mediolanum, Anna Sisteré and Begoña Castelló also they counted that ” when the risk of losing becomes evident, we stop reasoning and they enter game our instincts” for this reason it turns into difficult task that an investor gains less than the market. Impossible, but, it is not. Because “it is necessary to avoid frequent mistakes and use strategies following a few aims of investment”, they explained.

Saving is possible with a good management of the money and at many cases it is good to take advice. The session ended with a glass of wine-cellar for the assistants during which they could put jointly all the questions that the talk suggested.

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