How to achieve that my web appears in the first Google results

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

This Monday evening, about thirty people were present at the workshop to learn about how to improve the SEO positioning which was done by Hard&Web consultant. During two hours, the assistants could learn about what does SEO mean (Search Engine Optimization) and how to work with our web to obtain an organic high positioning. Oliver Martínez, Hard&Web consultant, gave some keys to emphasize with the positioning parameters. Some of these elements were the domain, the contents, URLs optimization and the source code.

On the other hand, also referred to the Black SEO techniques, those that Google penalizes if finds and is better not to use to obtain a good positioning in seekers. Cloaking or Spamming Keywords are examples of this practice. How to find the best key words in every case and the analysis of some practical examples were also carried out in this workshop.


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