The principal tools in the programming and analysis of the social networks for your company

"Sant Cugat" Polyvalent Room

We all know the importance that the social networks have nowadays for the image of our company. We have to be attentive to the social networks, have to be assets, take part and report, share interesting contents… and do not have time. The tools of programming, monitoring and analysis of the social networks allow us to save and to optimize the time that we dedicate to our social networks. With them we can automate the publication of our messages, know the relevant contents without being dependent constant on the timeline and to know which the influential contacts in our sector are. Do you want to extract the maximum profit?

  • Objective: To know from a practical point of view the principal tools of programming, monitoring and analysis of social networks and what usefulness they have for our company.
  • The importance of planning our actions in the social networks
  • The best tools of automatic programming in the social networks:
    • Postcron: The perfect tool to programme messages with images
    • Hootsuite: Programming and monitoring in an alone tool
  • Are we interested in our followers? The followers' selection
    • Flitter Manager: It measures the quality of your followers
  • How to know if we are doing a good work in the social networks
    • Klout: what note have we in the social networks?
  • Monitoring content
    • Social Mention: about what do they speak the social networks?
Gemma Andreu and @Sant Cugat Business Park