The last companies installed in @Sant Cugat Business Park

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

@Sant Cugat Business Park is a good environment where to establish the headquarters and it is verified by the companies that lately they have installed. The pace of new incorporations is constant and the variety of activities is huge. Some of last companies that have installed in @Sant Cugat Business Park are, for example: Inconso, Gcon4, Leirirefrat Group, Las Tres en Raya, Komit or Saima Solutions.

Saima Solutions is a national consultancy of IBM Cognos and QlikView with headquarters in Madrid, too. Inconso is a company, leader in Europe, in the development of consultancy and software for logistic solutions. On the other hand, Las Tres en Raya offer support in the area of communication, marketing and sales. Komit gives services of engineering and, for exemple, Gcon4 it is formed by an interdisciplinary group of young people who have established the headquarters in an intermediate point and who advise companies to implement projects.

We expect to be able to explain very soon more new companies and announce which are already choosing the spaces where they will be located.

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