Lawants: “It is necessary to be rapid and methodical before a non-payment”

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

How to face up to the non-payments in a so complicated time like the current one has been the point treated this Monday in @Sant Cugat Business Park by the international bureau, Lawants. To acquire good habits such as finding out before contracting a company services has been the first advice that Roberto Bosco and Héctor Sbert have given to the assistants.

How to administer the non-payment risk or the existence of the Spanish Law against defaulting (3/2004) has been other topics that they have explained and debated with the assistants. Many of them have explained his experiences and asked to the experts for advice. Bosco and Sbert have emphasized with the impossibility to lose time before a non-payment, the way is to understood rapidly the situation and establish an action plan with rigid times. “It is necessary to e methodical in these questions”, they have noticed.

This has been the first conference of the year in the Business Center where already it is programmed a second one with a completely different subject for March.

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