Last companies that have trusted in @Sant Cugat Business Park

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

Sinergia 2012, Playforapply, IDIF, Menu&Menu, FDM Global Solutions, Scotwork España, Esco-Partners… are some of the companies that in the last weeks there have chosen @Sant Cugat Business Park to locate his headquarters. Two of the main characteristics that they distinguish from this Centre are the diversity of spaces offered and the flexibility. Besides the new incorporations, other companies that spend more months or years in the Park have also changed their space inside the same Center. They are, for example, enterprisings that began with a coworking and now occupies an office in the Business or an office or have done the inversely way. And not only it, have others that have diversified its production established also in the e-sampling where they can show its products. With the last incorporations, the Park occupation has increased, as well as the global number of companies it is near the 250.

We want to give welcome to all the companies and/or entrepreneurs who already take part of @Sant Cugat Business Park for having trusted in us. We will work in order that their stay will be the most comfortable, agreeable and profitable possible.

Between all, we do @ better!

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