Deal with an improper clause as the floor clauses in the mortgages

By @Sant Cugat Business Park

The lawyers of the international office LAWANTS have offered this Monday a conference about the “nullity of the floor clause in the mortgages”. The event, which was realized in the “Sant Cugat” polyvalent room of @Sant Cugat Business Park, count on the presence of interested people in this important problem. With the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of March 14 there has been a change of juridical paradigm in the area of the floor clauses in the mortgages.

As Héctor Sbert, LAWANTS’ lawyer explained, “the floor clause is a well versed clause, or also known predisposed” and “are improper” because “they do not expire with the transparency conscious”.

If you are one of the affected and you are in this situation, what can you do? LAWANTS gave advices on how to act if you have a floor clause. Some of these advices where: to be informed about the politics of the bank about floor clauses, claiming the immediate elimination to future, appearing the claim of quantities unduly paid up to the current importance or acting extrajudicial or judicially.

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